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Murder of Five is set up to record in July 2024 At Blitz Studio with the 6th member of MoF Richard Blitz and finally Record New long overdue Tracks.

Murder of Five (MOF) (a group of crows is referred to as a murder) and we are a group of five clever yet mischievous musicians bonded by our sense of camaraderie and passion for music. 

Murder of Five is one of San Diego’s few all original hard rock band, with musical influences like Buddy Guy, Rival Sons, Led Zeppelin, Alabama Shakes, Pink Floyd, Stone Riders, Alice in Chains. MOF style falls into many sub genres like Stoner Metal or Desert Rock or simply just KICK ASS ROCK!

Murder of Five 

 Johnny Stevenson: (vocals)

Marc Gariepy (guitar)

Mark Murch (guitar)

Jeremy Flory (drums)

Zack Russell (bass guitar)


We were honored to have played with many amazing bands like: Tom Keifer Band, Jake E Lee (Red Dragon Cartel), Trapp, just to mention a few and looking forward too many more great shows.  

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